Mike's Guitar Collection

This is a 1958 Gretsch Streamliner. A hard to find model in near mint condition. Gorgeous to look at and listen to. This was a birthday present from my wife.

Vintage 1960 Fender Stratocaster.

2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard in limited edition Blue Mist finish. Unplayed. This one is for sale - SOLD.

2012 Gibson Midtown Custom in sunburst finish. Unplayed. This one is also for sale - SOLD.

2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst. Gorgeous top, these pictures don't do it justice. Purchased from Chris' Guitars

2011 Les Paul Traditional with factory Bigsby trem. An impulse buy while in Florida in November.

Gibson Lonnie Mack Flying V. This is a 1958 reissue made in 1994 based on Lonnie Mack's own '58 V. It's most unique feature is the custom Bigsby tremolo that was only available on this model. Also has retro Gibson logo, fat '58 neck, and Seymour Duncan pickups. Only 188 were made. Purchased from Legends Guitars, Tampa, FL in August 2006.

1976 Les Paul Custom Sunburst. Played a lot but not worn, it makes you work a bit to play but still a pleasure. A little more balanced sound than newer LP Customs I've played. Weighs in at about 10 tons. Purchased from Gruhn Guitars, Nashville, TN November 2005.

LaClair 52 Telecaster. Made in Ybor City, FL. Aged. Purchased from Legends Guitars 12/09.

2001 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Black with mini-humbuckers. This is my main guitar. Purchased from Legends Guitars in Tampa, FL October 2004.

This is a 2006 Gretsch Nashville 6120. Bright orange, gold hardware and bigsby trem. Plays like a dream. Purchased from Legends Guitars, Tampa, FL.

Rare limited edition "guitar of the week." Gibson Reverse Flying V design, modeled after the looks of a '58. Two humbuckers, one volume knob. Limited to a run of 400. This one is for sale if anyone is interested.

David Thomas McNaught Phoenix Rising with Moonscape inlay. Flamed blonde maple top, mohagany body. One of the best guitars I've ever played. This model dates to the late 90's, though it's in near perfect condition. Purchased from a dealer 12/05. SOLD

Fender Telecaster
Fender American Standard Telecaster. My other main guitar. All orginal. Purchased from Mars Music December 2000

Historic 1959 Reissue Les Paul Goldtop autographed by Les Paul (1990). Purchased 12/05 from Legends Guitars, Tampa, FL

Old Hickory

Gibson Les Paul Old Hickory. The Old Hickory Les Pauls were part of a very limited edition using wood from trees on Andrew Jackson's family estate, The Hermitage. On April 16, 1998 a tornado destroyed trees on the property including a 275 year old tulip poplar. Gibson harvested the wood to make 188 commemorative "Old Hickory" Les Pauls.

2001 Gibson Explorer. Has a mirrored pickguard and truss rod cover. Purchased from Mars Music 12/2002

G&L Legacy. Made by Leo Fender's company he started after he sold Fender Musical Instruments. Has a Seymour Duncan Humbucker and 2 singles. Purchased from Manny's Music, New York, NY in August 2005.

On the left is a 2001 Les Paul Studio with a special pewter finish. On the right is a recent Martin OMM. Purshased from Mars Music, 11/2002. I've since sold the Les Paul.

This is my beloved 1989 Gibson doubleneck. 12 string top neck, 6 string neck on the bottom. These are now only available from the Custom Shop. I purchased this one new from Thoroughbred Music in 1989.

1968 Gibson ES330TD. Vintage Gibson hollowbody in excellent condition. All original (except for the case) and great sounding. Purchased from Legends Guitars in Tampa, FL 12/08.

1978 Dean Explorer. This was the second year Dean produced these. Mohagany body with a wine red finish. Dean Zelinsky actually initialed the guitar under the truss rod cover. Purchased summer 2008.

1987 Specter NS-6. Bright red with rosewood fretboard. Gold hardware including tremelo with neck-thru design. This one was made by Spector after they were bought out by Kramer. This one is #91 out of only 150 ever made. I purchased this as new-old stock from Thoroughbred Music in 1992 after Kramer went under and T-bred bought their warehouse inventory. This guitar has been sold.

Yamaha RGZ321p signed by Metallica. Click guitar for more pics.

1976 Ibanez copy of a Les Paul. It has a set neck design and plays and sounds incredible. It has a carved headstock that is still in tact. Pickups are probably non-original but I did get the original hardshell case. Purchased from Thoroughbred, Tampa, FL around 1993.

Jerry Jones electric sitar. Purchase from Legends Guitars 12/09.

This is a late 80's Kramer Beretta. The custom paint job was done at the factory by Dennis Cline (#45/60). It has one humbucker and a Floyd Rose Tremelo. It's a great sounding guitar that's easy to play. Purchased from Fret 'n' Fiddle, St. Albans, WV, 1990.

This is an 1990 Ibanez Universe 7-string. They were co-designed by Steve Vai. The pick-ups are made by DiMarzio. These were very hard to get back when I bought this, I had to wait months after ordering it. Purchased from Thoroughbred Music, 1990.

The Carvin
This is either a Carvin DC-120 or 135. These are only sold factory direct and are made in California. It has two humbuckers, a Floyd Rose double locking tremelo, and active electronics. Purchased used at Thoroughbred Music sometime in the early 90's. These are still the best value for the money. Check them out at www.carvin.com. This guitar will be up for sale soon.

Kramer Stagemaster Kramer Stagemaster, made it USA. Has a neck-thru design, one humbucker and two singes with on/off switches. Purchased from Gorby's Music, S. Charleston, WV in 1991. This guitar will be up for sale soon.

On the left is an Applause (Kaman Music) 6 string acoustic, purchased for $125 at Gorby's music around 1989. I've since given to a friend. On the right is a Yamaha FG420 12 string, purchased from Pied Piper Music, Kanawha City, WV around 1993

The Bud and Busch Guitars Yes, you can actually play these! These were made by Dean, not sure when. I understand that other beer models were made as well. On the headstock, are the words "This Bud's For You." The Bud was purchased from Fret 'n' Fiddle, St. Albans, WV, 1992. The Busch was purchased from The Guitar Haven, Melbourne,FL 1999.

Charvel This is my Charvel 5-string bass. The fifth string is tuned to a low B (for those who don't play bass). Purchased from Thoroughbred Music in 1994.

Trailer Park Guitar
This was an impulse buy I picked up around Aug 2004 from the local Sam Ash. It's an Epiphone "Airscreamer" shaped like an Airstream trailer.

Other Guitars

Dale Earnhardt Custom Shop Les Paul. This one belongs to my older brother, Dave.

Also one of my brother's guitars, an Iommi SG from the Gibson Custom Shop. Acquired from a private collector.

My nephew's Ovation 12 string acoustic/electric. Purchased from Legends Guitars, October 2004.

Yeeehawwww!!! This is my Mom's Dale Earnhardt guitar. She's a big Dale fan and collects NASCAR memorabilia. It's an Epiphone LP Junior commemerating the Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert held after his death in Daytona Beach. Only ticket holders could purchase the guitar. We picked this one up on Ebay.

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